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Emergence of glider-like structures in a modular robotic system

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This page provides multimedia material to accompany the paper:
J.T. Lizier, M. Prokopenko, I. Tanev and A.Y. Zomaya, "Emergence of Glider-like Structures in a Modular Robotic System", in Proc. Eleventh International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems (ALife XI), Winchester, UK, MIT Press (to appear), 2008.

The first video shows the motion of the fittest snakebot in the final (57th) generation of the evolution to maximize information transfer (using the transfer entropy):

Then, we enhance the view of the evolved snakebot by colouring each segment according to the local transfer entropy it is receiving from the neighboring module (toward the tail) at each point in time. Black signifies 0.0 bits of transfer entropy, red is for 2.8 bits (with color scaling in between):