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PhD opportunities

Please contact me regarding PhD projects in complex systems. At the moment, I have a number of PhD scholarships available in conjunction with my ARC DECRA project, to start on or before Semester 1 2017:

  1. "Inferring information network structure from dynamics", and
  2. "Describing network and information processing co-development".
Please contact me for further details if you are interested in applying.

Current students

Conor Finn

The University of Sydney - PhD Student - 2016-ongoing (primary supervisor)
Conor is exploring the partial information decomposition approach to information regression.
Home page and Google scholar page Outcomes: Conor's work has resulted in a new pointwise and component-wise approach to information decomposition, with several key publications.

Leonardo Novelli

The University of Sydney - PhD Student - 2017-ongoing (primary supervisor)
Leonardo is exploring the performance of effective network inference algorithms for large neural imaging data sets.

David Shorten

The University of Sydney - PhD Student - 2018-ongoing (primary supervisor)
David is exploring how information processing properties develop in complex systems.

Mike Li

The University of Sydney - Capstone student and Research Assistant - 2017-18
Mike has been exploring empirical measurement of information transfer in neural spike trains, and relation of information transfer to underlying structure and dynamics in neural models.

Emanuele Crosato

The University of Sydney - PhD Student - 2015-ongoing (co-supervised, with Mikhail Prokopenko as primary supervisor)
Emanuele is exploring information dynamics and thermodynamics of swarming/flocking behaviour.

Previous students

Jean-Christophe Spiliotis

The University of Sydney - Summer Vacation Student - 2015/16
Jean-Christophe explored group-level network inference.

Oliver Cliff

CSIRO - Summer Vacation Student - 2012/13 (co-supervised with Dr. Rosalind Wang and Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko)
Oliver explored information transfer between simulated robots in robotic football games (RoboCup), and the relationship of these dynamics to game outcomes.
Outcomes: Oliver's work resulted in a paper at the RoboCup'2013 Symposium, which received the Best Paper Award. Oliver has gone on to study for a PhD in the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at The University of Sydney.

Rommel Ceguerra

The University of Sydney - Bachelor of Information Technology; Honours project - 2010 (co-supervised with Prof. Albert Zomaya)
Rommel studied the information dynamics of the synchronisation process in locally-connected networks.
Outcomes: Rommel achieved a High Distinction grade for his Honours thesis, and his work resulted in our paper at the IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life (IEEE ALife) 2011, which received the Best Paper Award.

Siddharth Prittam

CSIRO - Intern - 2010 (co-supervised with Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko)
Siddharth explored the relationship between emergent information dynamics and underlying small-world topologies in random Boolean networks.
Outcomes: Siddharth's work resulted in a paper in the Artificial Life journal, and an abstract at the European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL) 2011.

Dany Pradhana

CSIRO - Summer vacation student - 2008/09 (co-supervised with Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko and Mahendra Piraveenan)
Outcomes: Dany's work resulted in our paper at the European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL) 2009.